Thursday, December 13, 2018

Brief Review of Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Before getting ready to buy Samsung Gear S2 Classic you may need to read some reviews about it. The Gear S2 might be the first smart watch that worth the attention. Since released on October, the smart watch has been taken everything which is brilliant due to its prime counterparts and stylish package.

samsung gear s2 classic

The hardware inside the watch is also impressive as the screen is equipped with AMOLED screen display. The watch is also equipped with sophisticated sensors an processor. The rotating bezel on the outside is claimed as the most stylish icon of a modern smart watch. Even though the Gears S2 Classic is aimed to have more traditional look, in fact, it looks sportier and tech-heavy rather than traditional. The watch is smaller as well as attaching traditional mechanism to the watch bands.

The Style of Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Talking about Samsung Gear S2 Classic series, it comes with genuine leather band which is only available in black. The watch is also equipped with sleek metal case as well. in addition, there are no customization options available here unless compatibility with almost 20mm of a watch band. However, you may not need any options when this slick watch is already in your wardrobe. Even though it is small, the touch screen is using AMOLED.

The apps Within Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Since Gear S2 using Tizen Operating System, many people wonder whether the watch is supported with lots of apps or not. the good thing is, there will be thousand apps you can download and install on your Gear S2 smart watch. Nevertheless, the most important app could be Samsung Gear Manager which is available on Google Play Store.

For your information, the Gear S2 Classic version is also compatible with Android phones. You may worry about the Gear is only ordeal for Samsung. In fact, it will not only compatible with Android smart phones but also with Samsung Pay that will make your Gear S2 Classic more secure.

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